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Pilates is a total body workout with core strength being the foundation. The core muscles lie deep within the abdomen and back. Pilates trains the core muscles not only to be strong, but to work alongside the more superficial muscles of the trunk to support the spine and overall body movement.

As core strength is developed, stability through the entire torso increases. This is one of the ways Pilates helps overcome back pain. Good trunk stability not only increases back strength but allows the body to move more freely and efficiently.

San Jose Pilates Classes at AVAC®

Our instructors emphasize a long term approach to Pilates, and are trained to instruct everyone from complete beginners to seasoned Pilates participants. Our trainers work with a client’s skills and fitness level to develop an experience that is the perfect balance of challenge and reward.

Our San Jose Pilates Facility

Our facility is vast and our staff members are as numerous. AVAC® currently has seven instructors providing private instruction as well as hosting 22 small group classes per week; 6 of those specifically for seniors.

Not a member?

That’s fine. AVAC® welcomes non-members to our Pilates classes. Meet our instructors, or contact us to learn more about our non-member options today!

  • Member (drop-in) Mat $19 | Reformer $25
  • Non-Member (drop-in) Mat $22 | Reformer $30
  • Member (8 pack) Mat $136
  • Non-Member (8 pack) Mat $160
  • For private session pricing, contact instructor directly.

How to Sign Up

  • All clients, members and non-members can create an account on, scroll to the “Online Store,” click on “Purchase Single Class,” then select Pilates from the drop down.
  • Both members and non-members can purchase one-time (drop-in) classes or 8-packs.
  • If you are interested in HIIT classes as well, you should go the route of AbsoluteFIT.

Attendance and Expiration

  • 8-packs are valid for 90 days after purchase date
  • Clients must sign up at least 2 hour prior to class, but may only cancel without penalty more than 6 hours before class.
  • $25 late cancellation fee (within 6 hours or class start or no-show) at instructors/coach’s discretion
  • To avoid the late cancel clients must cancel reservation online, in the Club, or by calling the front desk 408.445.4900.


  • Members and non-members may purchase a single class but still must sign up online


  • Cash refunds will be issued on pre-paid fitness packages within 30 days of purchase. After 30 days, unused session balance can be transferred to other fitness programs.


We Have Programs For You

  • Fundamental Pilates

    Learn the basic principles and become proficient at “Essential” Mat and Reformer exercises. Develop core control and overall flexibility. Class consists of mat and reformer exercises.
  • Pilates Core

    This class teaches the Five Basic Principles of the STOTT PILATES® method, and builds a foundation of exercises required to move to the next level. This mat-based workout is designed to help participants develop leaner, longer-looking muscles, establish core strength and stability, and heighten mind-body awareness. Props are incorporated to add variety. Participants are welcome to stay in the Essential classes until they feel confident enough to enter the Essential/Intermediate class. Class capacity is 8 participants.
  • Pilates Core Challenge & Challenge (+)

    For experienced students who have exhibited proper form throughout the Essential repertoire, who are ready to build additional strength.
  • Essential Reformer

    These classes are performed on the reformer and progress from Essential level to an Intermediate level. The pace is moderate, yet challenging and will tone muscles, strengthen the core and provide an invigorating total-body workout. Capacity is 4 participants.
  • Intermediate Reformer

    These classes are performed on the reformer and progress from Essential level to an Intermediate level. The pace is moderate, yet challenging and will tone muscles, strengthen the core and provide an invigorating total-body workout. Capacity is 4 participants.
  • Gentle Pilates Core

    Designed for the beginning student, this class consist of gentle exercises that restore postural alignment, create a stronger more flexible spine, increase range of motion and body awareness, as well as boost energy through stretching.
  • Gentle Reformer

    (30 minutes) This class is designed for beginners as a more gentle approach to the Pilates Core Class.
  • Gentle Reformer For Upper Body

    (30 minutes) For a beginner senior student to develop upper body endurance and boost energy through stretching.
  • Gentle Reformer For Lower Body

    (30 minutes) For a beginner senior student wanting lower body resistance without impact. Develops body awareness and endurance for activities of daily living.
  • Essential Blend

    This class teaches the Essential level Pilates repertoire using all of the different Pilates equipment; reformer, chair, barrel, mat and more. The workout will strengthen the core, develop leaner, longer-looking muscles and heighten mind-body awareness using a variety of equipment. Ideal for participants that want variety in their Pilates workouts.
  • Restorative Blend

    Ideal workout for anyone that has less than perfect range of motion at any joint or looking for improved flexibility. Whether due to injury, muscular imbalances or postural issues, this workout is perfect for YOU! Fundamental Pilates experience is required.
  • Teen Pilates

    Check out our newest way for teens to get fit and improve athleticism! Teen Pilates with Merav is perfect for your 13-17 year old athlete or couch potato.

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